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Outside the Lab

Journal Club

Students are required to participate in a weekly journal club led by Instructor Samantha Lin, PhD, a specialist in developing skills in reading primary literature. Journal club teaches students how to critically read and analyze scientific papers; for many, this is their first exposure to the scientific literature. This gives the students confidence in their ability to ask questions of faculty scientists.

Career Development

Students participate in a career development curriculum to equip them with skills for biomedical research careers. Topics include: "Presenting an engaging research talk", "Applying to graduate programs" and "Careers in science". Students and mentors participate in a discussion of diversity and inclusion in academia, led by Dr. Ayana Jordan. Faculty from the PhD and MD-PhD programs and School of Public Health organize a Career Fair for our scholars, and invite scholars in all of the other undergraduate research programs to attend.

Faculty Research Talks

Students meet weekly with one of our faculty research mentors for an informal discussion of the scientist's research and career path. Students meet with researchers from various backgrounds and realize that everyone has taken a different path to achieve success.

Networking Opportunities

The early summer BBQ is an opportunity for Amgen BioMed Scholars to meet faculty scientists and physicians from diverse backgrounds. Undergraduates participating in other research-intensive summer programs are also invited, as are students taking part in Yale's PREP Program.

Social Events

Students and peer mentors organize weekend activities that introduce scholars to New Haven and the surrounding area