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9. Warping Single Subject Data to Common Space

Methods used to generate a composite map from a single group of subjects.

Individual tmaps can be saved with all the trasformations applied, thus being placed into the Common Reference Space.

  1. Choose brainregister or dualmultisubject from the BioImageSuite main menu. Three windows will appear: a Transform Viewer, a Reference Viewer and a BrainRegister menu bar. On the BrainRegister menu bar choose (Multisubject | Base). A new MultiSubject Tool widnow will appear.
  2. On the new MultiSubject Tool window choose (Setup | Load Setup).
  3. Choose your generated .msb file and click Open.
  4. In the MultiSubject Tool window click (Batch | Warp to Common Space for Multiple Tasks). A new Select Tasks window will appear.
  5. On the new Select Tasks window choose which tasks you want to warp to common space by highlighting them or just click Select All.
  6. On the new Select Tasks window click OK. A new Select Directory window will appear.
  7. On the new Select Directory window choose the directory for the output images. Click OK.
  8. A new PXTkConsole will appear showing the status of the batch job. Also the Status bar at the bottom of the MultiSubject Tool window will lengthen and display what is being done. Upon completion the word Done will appear next to the Status bar.