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2. Understanding Your Data

Method used to determine basic image parameters

If you just want some basic information about an image, you can either choose (File | Load) or (File | Import ) as discussed in Step 1 to view your image in any of the BioImageSuite Viewers.

  1. Once and image is loaded into a BioImageSuite Viewer, you can then choose (File | Image Header Editor). A new window will appear with many image parameters discussed below and seen in Figure 2.
    • Dimension Tab (You can determine your Field Of View by multiplying the Image Dimensions by the Voxel Dimensions)
      • A. Image Dimensions:
        • x, y, z: all given in number of voxels.
        • t: given in number of frames (in functional data t will be the number of images per slice).
      • B. Voxel Dimensions:
        • x, y, z: all given in mm.
        • t: given in seconds.
      • C. Image Type:
        • Data Type: Unsigned Char, Char, Unsigned Short, Short, Unsigned Int, Int, Float, Double.
        • Bits/pixel
  • Orientation Tab
  • Misc Tab
  • Detail View Tab