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11. Generating/Viewing ObjectMaps Using the Surface Editor

The surfaceeditor applications provide powerful functionality for interactive segmentation of different anatomical structures. There are two distinct modes of operation: an interactive outlining of surfaces which are represented as "stacks" of curves and an interactive objectmap tool which allows for the labeling of voxels groups as belonging to different types of tissue, structures or Regions of Interest (ROI).

The SurfaceEditor tools operate in a 2D display of a 3D paradigm. Editing is performed on a slice-by-slice mode using the Objectmap/Spline Editor tool and the 3D overall picture is displayed in the main Surface Editor window. The main window is updated either manually using the "Update" button in the editor or automatically when the slice is changed if the "Auto Upd" checkbutton is in the "on" state. Note that editing in the slice editor is performed on the the XY slice of the underlying image, i.e. the axial slice if the image was acquired in an axial orientation, or the coronal slice if it was acquired in a coronal orientation. If a different 2D slice orientation is preferred, the image will need to be re-oriented or resliced (if oblique slices are required) using the Image Processing tool.