Equity & Diversity Planning

YSM is committed to improving gender and racial diversity among our faculty and leadership, and improving equity for all. These issues are critical to the ongoing excellence of our school, and we believe that Yale should and will be a leader in this area.

Dean’s Statement on Diversity

Minority Organization for Retention & Expansion (MORE)

Fostering an environment at the Yale School of Medicine that is welcoming to all is vital to successfully recruit outstanding minority faculty members. Likewise, ensuring that minority faculty, once recruited, have the resources and mentoring needed to be successful is critical for improving retention. Thus, MORE seeks to support both the recruitment and retention of minority faculty through a variety of events and venues.

MORE Committee Members

MORE Website

Committee on the Status of Women in Medicine (SWIM)

SWIM was founded in 1979 to address issues related to gender equality at the Yale School of Medicine, and works to raise awareness of issues relevant to women who are faculty, and to advocate for them. SWIM welcomes participation from all interested faculty members of the medical school.

SWIM Committee Members

SWIM Website

Ad Hoc Task Force on Gender Equity

The Ad Hoc Task Force on Gender Equity was formed at the Yale School of Medicine and broadly charged to address issues that impacted the career advancement of women faculty in the school and the under-representation of women in leadership positions. The Task Force met from November of 2014 until April of 2015, and their report and recommendations can be read here: