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Yale Center for Molecular and Systems Metabolism – Inaugural Retreat 2022

The Yale Center for Molecular and Systems Metabolism (YMSM) on June 1st held its inaugural retreat at the Greenburg Conference Center. The goal of YMSM is bring together Yale investigators who are studying metabolism in distinct systems and from different perspectives. Dr. Anton Bennett, Professor of Pharmacology and of Comparative Medicine who is the Center Director introduced the 14 member labs and their research areas and discussed the goals of the Center.

The retreat featured an opening keynote address from Nancy J. Brown, M.D., Jean and David W. Wallace Dean of Medicine and C.N.H Long Professor of Internal Medicine. The YMSM retreat featured research talks presented largely by the trainees from the member laboratories. As part of the retreat’s program, workshops were organized by the trainees to facilitate collaborations and to further develop interactions amongst the member YMSM labs.

Deuel Conference of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

It gives me great pleasure to share with you the news that two of our faculty members will be honored at Deuel Conference of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology this coming March in San Diego, CA. Dr. Sabrina Diano, who is a secondary faculty in the Department of Comparative Medicine, and a member of YMSM, (Professor & Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs, Department of Ob/Gyn & Reproductive Sciences at Yale), will receive The Journal of Clinical Investigation Lectureship Award. Dr. Jens Brüning, Adjunct Professor in Comparative Medicine (Director of the Max Planck Institute for Metabolism Research in Cologne, Germany) will receive the Journal of Lipid Research Lectureship Award. Please join me in congratulating these colleagues who have been strong contributors to the academic excellence of our Department.

Tamas Horvath

Jean and David W. Wallace Professor & Chair

Cannabis in Medicine

The medical use of marijuana has been approved in Connecticut and neighboring states. However, there is a lack of understanding in the medical community regarding the biological principles of ingredients of the cannabis plant at a systemic level. Also less well known is how the endogenous cannabinoid system present in humans and animal species may respond to herbal cannabis derivatives.