Welcome from the Director

Welcome Message from Robert S. Sherwin, MD
Director of the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation

The ten years since YCCI received the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) have been a period of tremendous growth and progress as we established a robust infrastructure for clinical and translational research and expanded training and education for the next generation of investigators. As we approach our second decade, we are focused on training a new generation of interdisciplinary team scientists and facilitating innovative programs and resources to speed the delivery of treatments to improve health.

Clinical and translational research in today’s complex landscape requires a team-based effort that involves partnerships between investigators in different disciplines and from different institutions, as well as with the National Institutes of Health, industry, and the community. YCCI has fostered this environment through such initiatives as the YCCI Scholars program, which provides training and mentoring to junior faculty members from the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health and Engineering. In addition to research and salary support, this program provides unique opportunities for cross-collaboration that include  monthly Research in Progress meetings, where Scholars present their work to Yale’s research community, and guidance by a Career Oversight Committee of senior investigators offering expertise both within and outside of the Scholars’ discipline. 

YCCI’s Cultural Ambassadors program is another example of how we strive to create a research-friendly environment. This partnership with Junta for Progressive Action and the AME Zion Church brings Yale research into New Haven’s Hispanic and African American communities, where representatives help raise awareness and educate their communities about the importance of participating in clinical research. They also serve as expert resources, advising Yale investigators on how to reach these underserved populations through study design and recruitment efforts that include culturally sensitive messaging.

Our team-based approach is evident in our efforts to engage physicians in the Yale New Haven Health System and throughout Connecticut in research. Whether they want to serve as Principal Investigators of their own studies or play a role in recruiting patients to clinical trials at Yale, YCCI provides the resources, training, and expertise to help them get involved.

The Center for Biomedical and Interventional Technology (CBIT), YCCI’s newest emerging core, illustrates our efforts to support novel approaches to collaboration, including industry partnerships.  CBIT brings together expertise from the Schools of Medicine, Management, and Engineering and Applied Science to focus on combining unmet clinical needs with business analysis and technology development. YCCI’s support includes collaborating with CBIT on pilot awards to develop ideas for biomedical devices and technologies. Bringing together such varied expertise to solve clinical problems holds enormous promise in terms of benefiting patients. CBIT also leads such exciting initiatives as the Clinical Immersion Program, which fosters collaboration between Yale and industry partners to improve patient care.

YCCI strives to respond to the needs of Yale’s research community and we’re continuously reevaluating our services to seek ways to improve them. Over the past several years, we have made tremendous strides in establishing an informatics infrastructure to seamlessly integrate all components of clinical research. This has increased efficiency, eased the administrative burden of investigators, and facilitated data and biospecimen collection and management. We have also integrated our clinical research management system with Yale’s electronic medical record, which allows researchers secure access to clinical data and is helping them to efficiently and successfully carry out their studies.

I’m confident that the next ten years will bring even more exciting tools and resources to help investigators at Yale and at institutions around the country conduct research that spans the lifespan and responds to the needs of diverse patient populations. In the meantime, I encourage you to explore our website and learn about all we have to offer.

Robert Sherwin, MD
YCCI Director