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WHRY Study Underway to Answer Why Men Are More Likely to Die From Coronavirus Than Women

May 06, 2020

Women's Health Research at Yale has launched a study to uncover differences in the immune responses of women and men to COVID-19.

Current reports from the United States, Italy, and China indicate that men are likely to suffer more severe cases and die of COVID-19 than women. In Italy, one analysis showed 70 percent of deaths from the illness were men. Extensive prior research has revealed significant differences in the immune systems of women and men.

Determining a biological source of the sex difference seen in the impact of the disease can provide key insights into making effective treatments and vaccines.

WTNH's Jocelyn Maminta spoke with WHRY Director Carolyn M. Mazure, Ph.D., and Dr. Akiko Iwasaki, the study's lead researcher, about the importance of this work.

Watch the story by clicking here.

Submitted by Rick Harrison on May 06, 2020