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Planned Giving: Ways to Donate to Women's Health Research at Yale

January 02, 2022

There’s More Than One Way to Give

Women’s Health Research at Yale relies on contributions to support our pioneering research benefiting women’s health and examining the influence of sex and gender on health. Through Planned Giving, WHRY can help interested donors make larger gifts than they thought possible, including options that can provide income to donors that can keep pace with inflation, avoid capital gains taxes, and reduce estate tax liability.

Charitable Gift Annuity A gift of cash or securities to WHRY, resulting in a lifetime annuity for the donor or an income stream for a loved one.

Charitable Remainder Trust A trust of securities which will pay income to the donor or loved ones for a number of years, with the remainder at the end of the term of the trust donated to WHRY.

Gift of Appreciated Property The gift of stocks, bonds or mutual funds that have appreciated in value, thus avoiding taxes on built-in capital gains.

Legacy Gift As simple as leaving a dollar amount or percentage of your estate to WHRY in a will or trust. It can also include naming WHRY as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or of the remaining funds in a retirement plan or IRA.

Questions? We can help you determine the best options for you to plan for your future, the future of your loved ones, and the future of WHRY. For more information, please contact Shayna Roosevelt at 203-764-6600 or at

Submitted by Rick Harrison on December 20, 2021