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Completed Initiatives

Chief Diversity Officer/ Deputy Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

  • Start Date: 1-Apr-15
  • Projected Completion Date: 31-Aug-15
  • Actual Completion Date: January 2017 - Dr. Latimore arrived at Yale School of Medicine
  • Initiative Source: Ad Hoc Task force on Gender Equity & SWIM
  • Responsible Parties: SWIM, Dean Alpern
  • Outcome: Successful recruitment of Dr Darin Latimore

Recruit new Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs; Associate Dean for Science Affairs

  • Start Date:
  • Projected Completion Date:
  • Actual Completion Date: 2017
  • Initiative Source: SWIM
  • Responsible Parties: Chief Diversity Officer Deputy Dean Latimore
  • Goals
    1. SWIM involved/ represented in replacing these important positions
  • Outcome: Dean has created three positions and filled them. Linda Bockenstedt, Brian Smith and Mike Crair

Faculty senate (Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC))

  • Start Date: 1-Jan-15
  • Projected Completion Date: 1-Jan-16
  • Initiative Source: SWIM
  • Responsible Parties: Dean Alpern, Faculty
  • Goals
    1. Establish senate
  • Outcome: The Dean has established FAC instead of a Senate. Senate/Council membership should be included on the Dean's website.

All A&P YSM committee membership should be transparent

  • Start Date: 1-Jul-15
  • Projected Completion Date: 1-Oct-15
  • Actual Completion Date: 1-Aug-15
  • Initiative Source: SWIM
  • Responsible Parties: Dean Alpern
  • Goals
    1. All A&P YSM committee membership should be transparent and available on faculty affairs/ Provost website.
  • Outcome: A&P committee membership published on Dean's website; this should also be available on faculty affairs/Provost website.

Increase female representation on YMG Executive Board and on At-large members so that governing committees have minimum of 40% women.

  • Start Date: 1-Mar-15
  • Projected Completion Date: 1-Sep-15
  • Actual Completion Date: 27-Jul-15
  • Initiative Source: SWIM
  • Responsible Parties: Dean Alpern, Paul Taheri, Roberta Hines, SWIM
  • Goals
    1. Committee appointments to YMG decided by nominating committee rather than one person;
    2.Diversify YMG and YMG/YNHH/NEMG boards, YMG governing committees, so proportional representation of women and URM. Recommend that this July, new At-large members be primarily women (7+1) in contrast to previous year (1:7)
  • Outcome: SWIM submitted 18 names of highly qualified Female faculty willing to serve.