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Information about the Supreme Court Decision Dobbs vs Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization

These are articles written and shared by our Yale Law professors Linda Greenhouse, Reva Siegel and Priscilla Smith:

Requiem for the Supreme Court, New York Times Opinion by Linda Greenhouse

The Trump court limited women’s rights using 19th-century standards, The Washington Post Perspective by Riva Siegel

What if Roe fell?, Center for Reproductive Rights

Precision medicine requires understanding how both sex and gender influence health

Research is uncovering ways in which sex as a biological variable affects health. The social environment’s effect on our biology also is increasingly acknowledged, along with data indicating that these effects vary by gender. Thus, both biological sex and gendered experience can play a role in the physiological mechanisms of disease. A newly published paper in the journal Cell asserts that despite the challenges in navigating the paradigm shift required to study the effects of sex and gender as well as the biological and social determinants of health, the future of science is to study how these factors intersect.

Source: Cell
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