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Education & Training

Yale’s Department of Surgery champions a comprehensive suite of educational programs spanning the learning continuum. At the undergraduate level, students engage in immersive clerkships designed to instill foundational knowledge and foster a deep understanding of surgical principles. Our graduate medical education offerings encompass a spectrum of ACGME-accredited residencies, providing residents with unparalleled opportunities for clinical skill refinement and professional growth, preparing them for successful surgical careers. The department offers fellowships across surgical specialties, providing fellows with advanced training and expertise in their chosen fields. Our commitment to lifelong learning extends to our esteemed faculty, who are encouraged to continuously expand their knowledge base and refine their skills in response to the dynamic healthcare landscape. Through our educational endeavors, we aim to cultivate a culture of scholarly inquiry and innovation, ensuring that all members of our academic community are equipped to thrive in their respective roles and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of surgical science.