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Implementation Tools

  • BNI Training Cases-During the role-play portion of the training, these cases will be used for participant to practice BNI skills. Each participant will play the role of the practitioner, patient and observer.
  • BNI Training Video- Viewing of the video will reinforce much of the didactic information, steps of the BNI and provide real life scenarios using concepts of reflective listening
  • BNI Training Manual- This should be used to supplement the didactic portion of the core curriculum. The manual outlines the spectrum of alcohol use, screening techniques, the effectiveness of treatment, evidence based practices and principles of motivational interviewing
  • Laminated BNI pocketcard - To be used during role play and in clinical practice. The critical steps of the BNI and actual dialogue are provided to the practitioner on a laminated pocket-sized card.
  • BNI Adherence and Competence Checklist- To be used during role-plays and direct feedback. This checklist can measure practitioner competence in screening and performing the BNI. Practitioners can receive immediate feedback using this tool and those with skill deficit can be remediated.