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Pregnancy Loss

First, my sincerest condolences on your loss. I of course will do whatever I can to try to help you figure out what happened.

Please see the instruction below to start the process of our being able to help you.

On this page you will find links to forms that we will need you to fill out and instructions on how to request the slides be sent to me at Yale. Once I receive the material and look at it I will generate a report for your primary doctor. Since my findings can be challenging to explain to patients, I also have a clinic on Tuesday afternoons where I can meet you to discuss the significance of the findings, as well as options for pursuing future pregnancies, should that be something you wish to pursue.

Please note that it is very helpful if, along with the slides and pathology reports, either you or your doctor, fill out the clinical history form. Any additional clinical records that are easy to obtain would also be appreciated (for example, a clinical summary of your case, any karyotyping, ultrasound reports, etc.).
If you have any specific questions related to the process, please call my clinical office number at:


My assistant Kristin Milano will get back to you as soon as she is able to.

Review of Placenta

Request a Review of the Placenta from your Pregnancy Loss or Complication by Dr. Kliman. To do this you will need to fill out the following documents:

  1. Checklist for Dr. Kliman Pathology Consultations
  2. Request for Review of Pregnancy Loss or Complication Slides
  3. Payment Options for Review of Pregnancy Specimens
  4. Authorization for Release of Materials and Information
  5. Notice of Privacy Practices

Once the review of your loss material is done you may, if you wish, request an appointment with Dr. Kliman (see below). It is recommended that you check to make sure your insurance covers some or all of the visits and procedures prior to your first meeting with the doctor. Please see detailed instructions on each form.

Request an Appointment

  1. After your placental material is examined and a report is generated, you may wish to speak with Dr. Kliman to discuss the results. Because of COVID precautions Dr. Kliman now only meets with patients via Zoom video conference on Tuesday afternoons.
  2. Please contact Kristin Milano by calling 203-785-7642 or emailing her at to schedule an appointment
  3. Since insurance does not normally cover video conference calls, you will be required to pay for this yourself.
  4. You will be supplied with a receipt.
  5. Charges for video consultations are between $117 for up to 29 minutes to $699 for over two hours of time. Each appointment usually lasts between one to two hours, as needed by each family.
  6. A consultative report will be sent to the patient and the patient’s referring physician, as appropriate.

Stillbirth Matters Podcast: The Placenta and What It Tells Us

Our podcast guest is Dr. Harvey Kliman, MD, PhD. Listen as Chris Duffy visits with him about his research of the placenta and pregnancy outcomes. Harvey Kliman, MD, PhD, is a Research Scientist in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences and the Director of the Reproductive and Placental Research Unit at Yale. His clinical interests include infertility, implantation, recurrent pregnancy loss, endometrial receptivity testing, and placental pathology. He both does testing for impaired implantation and pregnancy loss, and sees patients.

Source: Star Legacy Foundation
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