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Reproductive and Placental Research Unit

For the study of infertility, pregnancy complications and autism markers
The Reproductive and Placental Research Unit is dedicated to research, the development of clinical tools and services, and teaching in the areas of infertility, pregnancy complications, placental function, and early markers of autism spectrum disorders. It includes a number of researchers at the Yale University School of Medicine, including the Kliman Laboratories, Taylor Laboratories and Guller Laboratories.
  • Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine have figured out how to measure an infant’s risk of developing autism by looking for abnormalities in his/her placenta at birth, allowing for earlier diagnosis and treatment for the developmental disorder. The findings are reported in the April 25, 2013 online issue of Biological Psychiatry.

    One out of 50 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in the United States each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but the diagnosis is usually made when these children are 3 to 4 years of age or older. By then the best opportunities for intervention have been lost because the brain is most responsive to treatment in the first year of life.

  • Menstrual cycle regulation is a critical step in embryo implantation and successfully achieving pregnancy. Since a majority of cases of unexplained infertility may result from implantation failure, there is a need to assess the endometrium accurately for defects that could preclude implantation. Current tools for endometrial evaluation, however, are limited.
  • The placenta is the root system for the fetus. Just as healthy roots are critical for the health of a tree, a healthy placenta is critical for the health of the baby.
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