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Postdocs at the 2022 Neuroscience Department Retreat

Postdocs, welcome! On this website, postdocs affiliated with the Department of Neuroscience can find information on scientific, social, or career-related events, programs, resources, and more. Open postdoc positions in the department can be found at the bottom of this page.

Yale Neuroscience Postdoc Committee (YNPC)

The YNPC is a passionate and devoted group of postdoctoral fellows and associate research scientists who are affiliated with the Yale Neuroscience Department. The committee members work together to support not only themselves but also their fellow postdocs within the department.



SYNAPSES (Seminars at Yale Neuroscience: Advanced PoStdoc Extramural Series) brings postdoctoral fellows from around the world to Yale to share their latest research work. It's a fantastic opportunity for postdocs at Yale to stay up to date with the cutting-edge research and foster new collaborations.

Career Panel Series

The Career Panel Series is an amazing opportunity for Yale Neuro postdocs to gain valuable insights and guidance as they navigate their career paths. Experts from diverse neuroscience-related fields share their personal experiences and provide invaluable advice to help postdocs achieve their career goals. Postdocs, don't miss out on this exciting event that will empower you to pursue your dream career with confidence!

Postdoc Happy Hour/Mock Talk

Join us for a warm and supportive gathering of postdocs at the Happy Hour/Mock Talk event. Postdocs have the chance to work on their chalk talk skills in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere while receiving helpful and constructive feedback and guidance from peers. Postdocs can enjoy food and beverages as they cultivate their communication and presentation skills.

National Postdoc Appreciation Week (NPAW)

The Annual Postdoc Appreciation Week serves as a special time to honor the hard work and dedication of postdoctoral fellows and associate research scientists. It's a time to acknowledge their invaluable efforts in advancing the field of neuroscience and crucial contributions in research, teaching, and mentoring in the Yale Neuroscience Department.

Kavli Postdoc Series

The Kavli Postdoc Series aims to foster scientific discussions, career development activities, and community building among Yale neuroscience postdoctoral fellows. This series brings together postdocs from different departments, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and networking opportunities.

Interested in organizing any of these events?



Are you a postdoc in Neuroscience looking to make connections and network with other postdocs? Look no further! Yale Neuroscience Postdoc Committee has multiple ways for you to connect, including monthly YNPC meetings, a designated Slack channel, monthly Kavli networking hours, and more!

Plus, you can expand your network beyond Neuroscience by joining the Yale Postdoctoral Association (YPA) and connecting with postdocs and ARS from across Yale. Don't miss out on these exciting opportunities to connect and grow your professional network!


For professional development and training opportunities, postdocs can visit the Yale Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning and the Office of Career Strategy. The Kavli Institute for Neuroscience is also organizing the Kavli Postdoc Series, a professional development series that bring together Yale neuroscience postdoctoral fellows, regardless of their department affiliation, for scientific discussions, career development activities, and community building. The series, through presentations and hands-on workshops, aims to foster a sense of community and encourage peer support, accountability, and collaborations. Past topics include the chalk talk, online presence, and managing difficult conversations.


Postdocs in the neurosciences can apply to multiple fellowships and awards from Yale institutes. Please check the links below for more information regarding application dates, eligibility, and focus:

For more funding opportunities, please visit the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs’ website.

Open Positions

Are you interested in a postdoc position in the Department of Neuroscience? The following labs are looking for postdocs!