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Welcome to Greer Lab!

A major goal of my laboratory is understanding the basic mechanisms that contribute to the establishment of orderly topographic maps within the CNS, during both normal development and during regenerative events following injury or disease. We have been focusing our efforts on the olfactory system, in part because of the complexity of the map between the olfactory epithelium and the olfactory bulb and the accessible organization of radial and horizontal synaptic circuits..

Our odor environment is complex, presenting the challenge of integrating many sensory inputs and combinatorial coding schemes. The Greer lab is committed to the implementation of developmental perspectives for understanding the organizational foundations of odor coding/representation. A primary challenge in neuroscience is understanding how choreographed events such as neurogenesis and neuroblast migration lead to the development of the complex architecture that underlies the functional specificity of functional networks. We follow the philosophy that .viewing the organization of the olfactory system through the lens of development will reveal the roadmap upon which a system is organized and acquires its specific identity. To do so we are committed to the development, acquisition and implementation of new technologies that can effectively address leading controversies within the field.