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Launched on Twitter in January 2022, #TraineeTuesday shines a weekly spotlight on talented trainees throughout Yale's department of Neuroscience and Kavli Institute. Whether celebrating a recent paper, grant or job offer, this initiative seeks to celebrate the graduate students and postdoctoral researchers crucial to our groundbreaking research. This archive will house the blog versions of all our #TraineeTuesday features.

#TraineeTuesday Blog

#TraineeTuesday: Termara Parker

Meet Termara Parker, a PhD candidate in the Brain Function Laboratory and McPartland Lab! On top of winning the Annie Le Fellowship and being inducted into the National Graduate Bouchet Honors Society, Parker recently published an article on structural racism in neuroimaging technology.

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  • #TraineeTuesday: Rafael Perez, PhD

    Meet Rafael Perez, PhD, a postdoc in the Picciotto lab who was awarded the Kavli Postdoctoral Award for Academic Diversity! This award supports postdocs who bring a diversity of perspectives, identities and backgrounds to Yale’s neuroscience community.

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  • #TraineeTuesday: Kristyn Lizbinski, PhD

    Meet Kristyn Lizbinski, PhD, a postdoc in the Jeanne lab whose paper was published in Current Biology. What started as a quarantine project grew into a fascinating dive into the influence of neurons’ fine-scale morphology on physiological function.

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  • #TraineeTuesday: Maddy Junkins

    Meet Maddy Junkins, a PhD candidate in the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program! Her review “Towards understanding the neural origins of hibernation” was recently published in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

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