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Launched on Twitter in January 2022, #TraineeTuesday shines a weekly spotlight on talented trainees throughout Yale's department of Neuroscience and Kavli Institute. Whether celebrating a recent paper, grant or job offer, this initiative seeks to celebrate the graduate students and postdoctoral researchers crucial to our groundbreaking research. This archive will house the blog versions of all our #TraineeTuesday features.

#TraineeTuesday Blog

#TraineeTuesday: Rachel Oren

This #TraineeTuesday, we are highlighting Rachel Oren, a graduate student in the Cardin and Higley Labs at Yale Neuro! She was recently awarded an F31 NRSA from the National Eye Institute.

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  • #TraineeTuesday: Leah Harmon

    This #TraineeTuesday, meet Leah Harmon, a graduate student in the Chandra Lab! She was recently awarded the K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award at the 2024 annual meeting of the American Association of Colleges and Universities in Washington DC.

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  • #TraineeTuesday: Chase Amos

    This #TraineeTuesday, we are highlighting Chase Amos, a graduate student in the De Camilli Lab! He recently published a report in Contact on the connection between the two proteins VPS13A and XK in red blood cell precursors, and a paper in Molecular Biology of the Cell.

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  • #TraineeTuesday: Usman Farooq, PhD

    Please welcome Usman Farooq, PhD, this week's #TraineeTuesday star! This INP alum and current postdoc in the Dragoi Lab studies the hippocampus, a brain region critical for representing space and forming memories of episodes.

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  • #TraineeTuesday: Ben Sanders

    Meet Ben Sanders, a graduate student in the Lim Lab and this week's #TraineeTuesday star! He recently received an F31 grant from the National Institute on Aging for his research on the role of Nemo-Like Kinase in Alzheimer's Disease.

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  • #TraineeTuesday: Nisha Mohd Rafiq, PhD

    This #TraineeTuesday, welcome Nisha Mohd Rafiq, PhD, a former De Camilli Lab postdoc turned research group leader at University of Tübingen! Her new lab is part of the Interfaculty Institute for Biochemistry and Tübingen Neuro Campus (the university’s broader neuroscience network).

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  • #TraineeTuesday: Lamisa Musarat

    This #TraineeTuesday, meet Lamisa Musarat, a postgraduate researcher in the Higley Lab! She recently presented a poster at #SfN23 on "Temporal control of whole-brain GCaMP expression for long-term widefield imaging of cortical networks."

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  • #TraineeTuesday: Erika Hoyos-Ramirez, PhD

    This #TraineeTuesday, please welcome associate research scientist Erika Hoyos-Ramirez, PhD, who was recently named a Canaan-Yale fellow! This fellowship recruits distinguished trainees in the life sciences to work with Canaan Partners, an early-stage venture capital firm. Let's dive into her journey to becoming an entrepreneurial scientist.

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  • #TraineeTuesday: Oliver Glomb, PhD

    This #TraineeTuesday, we're highlighting Oliver Glomb, PhD, a postdoc in the Yogev Lab! From publishing a paper in Developmental Cell to starting a lab in Germany, he has plenty to celebrate.

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  • #TraineeTuesday: Andrew Moberly, PhD

    For today's #TraineeTuesday, please welcome Andrew Moberly, PhD, a postdoc in the labs of Michael Higley, MD, PhD, and Jessica Cardin, PhD! Andrew was recently awarded a K99/R00, marking a significant step forward toward running his own research lab.

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