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Global Aldh3a1 KO (Aldh3a1−/−) and knock-in (Aldh3a1C244A) strains

The Aldh3a1/ strain was developed by Piatigorsky’s lab at NEI in a 129sv background (1). Using these and our Aldh3a1/ congenic mice, we have demonstrated an essential role for ALDH3A1 in protecting against cataract formation (2) and corneal hazing (3). Recently, ALDH3A1 was reported to participate in ethanol/ACA metabolism (4). In collaboration with the Yale Genome Editing Center at the Yale School of Medicine, we have generated an Aldh3a1 knock-in mouse strain using the CRISPR-associated protein (Cas) gene editing technology. In a similar manner as the Aldh1a1 knock-in strain, the Aldh3a1C244A mutant mice express stable but enzymatically-inactive ALDH3A1 protein due to the Cys>Ala mutation at the codon 244 (5). Both Aldh3a1/ and Aldh3a1C244A mice are fertile and display no overt phenotype.


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