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Aldh1b1/Aldh2 andAldh1b1/Aldh1a1 DKO strains

ALDH2, ALDH1B1 and ALDH1A1 are the most efficient ALDH enzymes for oxidizing ACA (1). The Aldh1b1/Aldh2 DKO strain is being developed to allow examination of the physiological and pathophysiological consequences of complete removal of mitochondrial ACA oxidation. Both ALDH1A1 and ALDH1B1 are induced in some commonly-occurring carcinomas, with one isoenzyme predominantly expressed over the other depending on the cancer (2, 3). Development of an Aldh1b1/Aldh1a1DKO strainwill be useful to dissect the role of retinaldehyde- and ACA- metabolizing enzymes in carcinogenesis, particularly those associated with ethanol consumption. These DKOs will be maintained on the B6 congenic background.


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