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Conditional Gclcf/f floxed strain

Germ-line deletion of the Gclc gene is embryonic lethal (1). The Gclc floxed conditional KO (Gclcf/f) strain was developed by Chen et al. (2). Expression of GCLC and GCLM proteins and tissue GSH levels are comparable between wild-type and Gclcf/f mice. When crossed with a CRE recombinase-expressing mouse line, mouse lines harboring the Gclc deletion in a time- and/or cell-specific manner can be generated. Through this process, we have developed a hepatocyte-specific Gclch/h KO strain (2) and others have developed (or are developing) unique mouse models with GSH deficiency in specific cell subpopulations. For example, Mak et al. generated a Gclc T cell-specific knockout (3) and we have generated a Gclc surface ectoderm knockout mice that exhibits a severe microphthalmia phenotype (manuscript in preparation).


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