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We believe that excellent science comes from interactions across diverse backgrounds. For that reason, we aim to create a lab environment that is conducive to scientific excellence and research integrity, which is only made possible by teamwork which supports and celebrates all our lab members.

Treating labmates as teammates

We strive to create a lab environment built fundamentally on respect, kindness, and compassion, in which all members are supported and celebrated. No individual should fear retribution when expressing an opinion in good faith. In our lab, we are all teammates. We share the burden and success as a team. We treat each other with respect and kindness. We are all responsible to one another, and foster an environment where we feel comfortable to raise and address arising issues without fear.

Creating a space for diverse ideas to be heard

We recognize that we do our best science when the contributions of all members of ourcommunities are heard and valued. Science is based on ideas, and we want everyone’s ideas to be heard. We strive to ensure people’s voices are heard by deliberate action, including amplifying and uplifting marginalized groups. In particular, we seek to purposefully amplify and uplift the voices of those who belong to groupsunderrepresented in science, and ensure that space is created for diverse ideas to be heard. Every member of the lab, regardless of their position (whether a PI or an undergraduate student), should always be empowered to speak out against bias and discrimination at any time.

Encouraging collaboration

Collaboration is a key part of producing excellent science. We strive to create a collaborative environment, where each individual brings their own unique skill set to the table. We encourage collaboration within the lab and outside the lab alike.

Promoting professional development

Training and professional development is an important part of our lab, since we want our trainees to be prepared for the career of their choice. We seek to promote the professionaldevelopment of our lab members by encouraging them to mentor younger students, write papers, attend seminars and meetings, network, and give talks. Additionally, we encourage our lab members to participate in extracurricular activities at Yale to further expand their professional development opportunities.

Outside the lab setting

We seek to connect even while not in the lab space, which creates an environment that is friendly and supportive. When we interact outside the lab, it is an opportunity to get toknow each other as people.