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Join Our team

We are always looking for creative, enthusiastic and self-motivated scientists to join our team. Whether you are an undergraduate looking for your first research experience or a postdoc seeking an environment that will help propel you into your independent career (and anything in between), we would love to hear from you. Check out our research and write us an email: Patrick Lusk and Megan C. King.

Postdoctoral Positions in the LusKing Lab

We are recruiting postdocs to join several ongoing projects in the joint LusKing Lab, which is currently funded by the NIH, NSF, the Allen Institute and the Jon and Melinda Gray Foundation. We are seeking new team members who are passionate about science and have an interest in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Nuclear envelope integrity and cancer, focusing on nuclear envelope remodeling, nuclear mechanics and genome integrity
  2. Nuclear pores and neurodegeneration, focusing on mechanisms that cause ALS
  3. Developing new platforms for monitoring chromatin dynamics and chromatin contacts through applied genome engineering
  4. Probing the biophysical mechanisms that define nuclear scaling through a combination of experimental and computational approaches.

We are dedicated to providing a rich training environment for scientists at all levels to become interdisciplinary researchers capable of working effectively both individually and as a team. Our group is proud to effect positive change—promoting core principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion—in our institutional, local, and national scientific communities. If you are looking for a laboratory home that will challenge you scientifically while also providing a supportive environment in which you can achieve a growth mindset, reach your goals, and positively affect the practice of academic science, please consider sending a cover letter and CV to either Patrick Lusk and Megan C. King.