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Research Studies

Our research studies focus on the social development of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. Our projects include children with ASD, infant siblings of children with ASD, children with suspected ASD or other developmental concerns, and typically developing infants and children. We are currently recruiting:

Currently Recruiting

  • We are currently recruiting pregnant mothers for a study on the development of the human fetal brain.
  • We are currently recruiting newborns for a study on the development of the human brain.
  • Toddlers

    We are currently recruiting 12-24 month-old children for studies that investigate emotional attention, reactivity, and regulation in toddlers with ASD.
  • We are currently recruiting 4-6-year-olds for a study investigating attention and the development of anxiety in ASD.
  • Our school-aged studies examine brain connectivity in school-age children with ASD.

Ongoing Studies

Emotional Processing in Toddlers with ASD

PI: Katarzyna Chawarska, Ph.D. Funding Source: National Institute of Mental Health. 

This study examines emotional attention, reactivity, and regulation in toddlers with ASD and prospectively follows toddlers from the second to the fourth year of life. This project will advance our understanding of the unique contribution of emotional development to core and comorbid symptoms of ASD and inform diagnostic and prognostic procedures in the early stages of ASD.

Development of anxiety in preschoolers with ASD

PI: Katarzyna Chawarska, Ph.D, Funding Source: National Institute of Mental Health.

The study investigates attentional mechanisms that contribute to emergence of anxiety in five-year-olds with ASD and aims to identify emotional factors that contribute to heterogeneity of syndrome expression in ASD. The project will advance diagnosis of comorbid anxiety in young children with ASD and facilitate the development of novel treatments for anxiety in ASD.

Development of a Multimedia Parent Screening System for ASD

PIs: Frederick Shic, Ph.D. & Katarzyna Chawarska, Ph.D. Funding Source: FAR Fund.

The focus of this study is to develop a multimedia early screening system for autism in the context of routine pediatric check-ups. The study aims to address the disparities in the availability and accessibility of screening systems to families from under-resourced communities.