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Autism Center of Excellence (ACE)

What is ACE?

Yale’s Autism Center of Excellence (ACE) Program aims to advance understanding of early neurodevelopment of children affected by autism.

The Yale ACE aims to:

  • identify neural signatures of ASD and evaluate their relevance to prediction of outcomes and response to intervention during prenatal, neonatal, and school-age period
  • identify sex-linked risk and protective factors in ASD
  • conduct an efficacy trial of a novel intervention targeting an early attentional marker of autism
  • examine cellular, molecular, and brain mechanisms in pairs of siblings concordant and discordant for ASD to isolate risk and protective factors for ASD

Results from the combined projects have the potential to identify novel diagnostic and prognostic markers, identify risk and protective mechanisms, and clarify neural bases of sex differences in ASD.

What can research at Yale do for a child with autism?

Video by Yale School of Medicine

The Tom Ficklin Show: Championing Autism Awareness

The Tom Ficklin Radio Show, the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI), and their AME Zion Church Cultural Ambassadors for Research at Yale, have launched a new partnership to raise awareness in the minority community on health promotion topics and how to access cutting-edge clinical research.

To kick off Autism Awareness Month on April 4, 2022, the Yale Social and Affective Neuroscience of Autism Program's principal investigator Dr. Katarzyna Chawarska along with clinical psychologists Dr. Kelly Powell and Dr. Mariana Torres-Viso joined with members of the Cultural Ambassadors to discuss the advances the team has made in autism research to aid children and families.

Video by WNHH, New Haven Independent