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Biological markers of risk and resilience in ASD

This ACE project will examine biological differences in early neurodevelopment in sibling pairs where either one or both siblings are diagnosed with ASD. The goal is to determine the biological and genetic markers that are linked with functional brain connectivity and severity of autism symptoms.

Through this study, a small piece of skin on the arm the size of a grain of rice will be obtained from all participants. For details of the biopsy procedure, please click here. Cells from the biopsy will be converted into pluripotent stem cells and then differentiated into neurons in a test tube.

Children will also undergo a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan and will complete clinical assessments and eye-tracking studies.

The MRI scan takes place at 300 Cedar St., New Haven, CT.

The skin biopsy takes place at Yale Center for Clinical Investigations, Hospital Research Unit (HRU) located on the 10th floor of Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT.

Diagnostic and research assessment take place at the SANA Lab at 300 George St., Suite 900, New Haven, CT.

As token of our appreciation, families receive financial compensation.

How can I participate?

The best way to get started and learn more about our ACE projects is to fill out our inquiry form.

Alternatively, you may email us at or call Gitta Selva, Program Administrator, at (203) 764-5933.