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Preliminary efficacy of a new treatment protocol aimed at improving social attention in infants at risk for ASD

 ACE Toddler Study 1

This prospective ACE study aims to test a novel brief intervention for improving attention to faces in toddlers at risk for ASD. The intervention intends to help toddlers attend to interactive partners in their natural environment. Information collected through this study will be used to develop novel treatments for infants at elevated risk for ASD.

Younger siblings of children with ASD will participate in a 3-day attention training program at 18 months and a follow-up visit at 19 months.

The study is conducted at the SANA Lab at 300 George St., Suite 900, New Haven, CT.

As token of our appreciation, families receive financial compensation for study participation.

How can I participate?

The best way to get started and learn more about our ACE projects is to fill out our inquiry form.

Alternatively, you may email us at or call:

Amy Margolis, Program Manager - (203) 785-6237

Evelyn Pomichter, Intake Coordinator - (203) 764-5933

 ACE Toddler Study 2