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High Performance Computing Resources

In addition to the laboratory server, our group has established access to High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources as part of the Yale University Biomedical High Performance Computing Center. The Yale HPC administers several scientific computing clusters. This facility will provide sufficient processing power for the proposed data analyses and algorithms. Usage of this computing cluster is freely available to the biomedical research community. This is a critical resource that will allows the lab high-speed processing of neuroimaging data collected via the HCP-optimized sequences. This resource is additionally leveraged to accomplish highly computationally intensive modeling simulations for which the laboratory servers may not be optimal. We accomplish the computational modeling work in direct collaboration with the Murray Lab.

Representative publications:

Yang, G.J., Murray, J.D., Repovs, G., Cole, M.W., Savic A., Glasser, M.F., Pittenger, C., Krystal, J.H., Wang, X.J., Pearlson, G.D., Glahn, D.C., Anticevic, A. (2014). Altered global brain signal in schizophrenia. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 May 20;111(20):7438-43. [Link]