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Open Positions in the Lab

Postgraduate associate positions available

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Our group is interested in cognitive neuroscience of psychiatric illness, with the broad objective of better understanding neural systems involved in cognitive and affective deficits via non-invasive neuroimaging.

We are looking for a graduating senior with an interest in pursuing graduate research education in neuroscience, psychology, and/or medicine for a two year position in the Yale Department of Psychiatry.  This is a salaried, academic position focused on training in human subjects research techniques.  The post-graduate associate will receive individual instruction in recruitment, screening, and data collection for human subjects research in psychiatry and instruction in preprocessing and quality assurance of neuroimaging data while contributing to analytics studies.  

If interested, please send an e-mail with a brief description of your interests and your CV to nicole.santamauro[at]yale.[dot]edu

Postdoc positions available

We are recruiting motivated and talented individuals for postdoctoral positions available in Dr. Anticevic's research group (see here for research areas) at the Department of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine. Successful candidates are expected to play an active and independent role in one of our research areas. Our work broadly focuses on cognitive neuroscience of psychiatric illness with the focus on understanding cognitive and affective disturbances in processes such as working memory. Our group combines non-invasive neuroimaging with pharmacological manipulations as well as functional neuroimaging investigations of clinical populations such as schizophrenia. We emphasize close collaborations with other clinical and neuroimaging laboratories in the Department of Psychiatry. 

Candidates with a Ph.D. in neuroscience, psychology or physical sciences, and with strong background and interest in human neuroimaging, are encouraged to apply. Competitive candidates are expected to have some programing proficiency and familiarity with UNIX, basic neuroimaging software, as well as a demonstrated publication record using neuroimaging. Clinical experience with psychiatric populations is preferred but not mandatory. Please send a curriculum vitae and a brief description (250 words or less) of fields of interest, and three letters of recommendation to the email address below. Please forward all materials by email. 

Contact information:
Alan Anticevic, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator - Anticevic Lab 
Department of Psychiatry 
Yale University School of Medicine 
34 Park St. New Haven, CT 06519 
Email: alan.anticevic[at]yale[dot]edu