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DNA/RNA QC Analysis Service

Cost: Please see

Instrument: Agilent TapeStation 2200

The Agilent Tapestation allows researchers to analyze the quantity and size of DNA or RNA while using only a few microliters of precious sample.

We currently offer 3 DNA kits and 1 RNA kit:

  • Genomic DNA assay
  • High Sensitivity DNA 1000 assay
  • High Sensitivity DNA 5000 assay
  • High Sensitivity RNA assay

Please see below for assay limits and specifications.

Standard Turnaround Time

Standard turnaround time is 1 business day. Yale users will receive priority over non-Yale users. If you anticipate usage, please email the lab at to determine kit availability; especially if you are submitting a large batch.

What we need from you

  • 2 µL of sample in a clearly labeled tube; any size/type is accepted.

If submitting DNA samples, please note which assay you would like us to use: Genomic, High Sensitivity D1000, or High Sensitivity D5000.
*Be sure your sample buffer contains no more than 7 mM KCl, 20 mM Phosphate Buffer, 20 mM Guanidine-HCl, 80 mM NaCl, or 20 mM Acetate as high salt concentrations will cause electrophoresis failure.

**We will not be responsible for electrophoresis failures due to improperly quantitated samples or samples in buffer with high salt concentrations.



Genomic DNA kit:

  • Sizing Range: 200 up to>60,000 base pairs
  • Quantitative Range: 10-100 ng/ul
  • Provides DIN

High Sensitivity DNA1000 kit:

  • Sizing Range: 35-1,000 base pairs
  • Quantitative Range: 10-1,000 pg/µL

High Sensitivity DNA5000 kit:

  • Sizing Range: 100-5,000 base pairs
  • Quantitative Range: 10-1,000 pg/µL

For RNA (Please submit on wet ice)

High Sensitivity RNA kit:

  • Sizing Range: 100-6,000 nt
  • Quantitative Range: 1,000-10,000 pg/ µL
  • Provides RIN

Once we have received your samples

We will run the samples here at our facility at 300 George Street, Room 2127.

Once the analysis is complete, we will email you a report that includes the gel image, electropherogram & Peak Table

Turnaround time for this service is approximately 24 hours.

Agilent Technologies TapeStation 2200

Agilent Technologies TapeStation 2200

Developed by the company behind the industry-leading 2100 Bioanalyzer, the Agilent 2200 TapeStation system offers scalable throughput and rapid results, making it an ideal solution for quality control of biological samples in next-generation sequencing, microarray and qPCR workflows. The TapeStation is a revolutionary tape-based platform for simpler, faster and more reliable electrophoresis. It uses credit card-sized, disposable Agilent ScreenTape that is available for DNA and RNA applications, and low sample volumes, only 2µl of precious sample per run.