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PCR Purification Submission Policy

PCR purification is a 96 well plate format which is available for researchers who are experienced users of the facility and are confident in their methodology for PCR and primer preparation. We sequence and charge for all 96 or 384 wells on the plate regardless of the results, unless it is a clear technical error on our part.


Because the service is plate-based, every well gets processed. Therefore we have to charge for the entire submission, even if there are empty wells.

For pricing, please visit our fees page.

Standard Turn Around Time

Standard turnaround time is 1 business day. Yale users will receive priority over non-Yale users. You can check the status of your order on the sample submission page by selecting CHECK EXISTING ORDERS. If you have not received your results in 2 business days, feel free to reach out to us at

**If your samples are RUSH samples, please make us aware of this before we receive your submission. We will work to accommodate your request without compromising the lab’s workflow requirements.

Plasticware Requirements

Acceptable plates are listed below:
  • 96-well format: Eppendorf Twin Tec semi-skirted plates, part #951020389, they are located in the Yale stockrooms, or can be ordered directly from Eppendorf. Also, Applied Biosystems Optical 96-Well Reaction Plate, part #N801-0560, these are also available in the Yale Stockroom

Submission Requirements

Cap the plate firmly using the strip caps or sealing film and wrap each plate with parafilm. (Sealing film is preferable to strip caps.)

Be sure to clearly label each plate as either PCR plate or Primer plate (or Primer Tube), and label each order with a unique name.

Submissions should be dropped off with an order confirmation sheet (available to print after web ordering via our “Sample Submission” page).

Once we have purified your PCR product, we will then add your primer and sequence your PCR product. Your samples are sequenced by our standard sequencing protocol. If you wish to use another sequencing protocol, please let us know ahead of time.

Results will be posted in your Box account and labeled with the researcher code - plate name -and well-coordinate (RES CODE-plate name-A1-12, RES CODE-plate name-B1-12 etc). The researcher is responsible for holding the "key" to the well co-ordinates for sample identification.

PCR Purification Plate Submission Protocol

Add to each well:

20 µl containing 15-25 ng/µl of UNPURIFIED PCR product

For Primer Submission:

  1. Tube format: 384ul of 4µM custom or universal primer in an Eppendorf tube for plates that will use just one primer for entire plate, or:
  2. 96-well format: 5 µl of 4µM custom or universal primer/well. Primers should be oriented according to PCR plate layout.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the lab directly, 203-737-2566 or