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Data Return

Who should I call to ask questions about data return?

Sending an email to

will yield the fastest response. You may also call the lab at 203-737-2566.

What is your preferred method of data return?

Data return via is our only method. We will create a folder and send you the link. As the owner, you can update users as you see fit.

***Please do not upload anything to this folder. It should be used for data only***

If I lose a sequence can I have the data re-sent?

We try to accommodate peoples' requests, although you are responsible for your data once it leaves our lab. Retrieving older data can be time consuming. Please back-up your sequence data right away to avoid this problem.

If you do need older data, please email the lab with the template/primer combination and the date ordered.

When will I get my electronic data?

Electronic data is uploaded throughout the day.