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Surface Plasmon Resonance - BiaCore Biosensor

SPR is a universal tool for studying and characterizing macromolecular interaction in a label-free state. The system detects the binding reaction in real time by monitoring changes in mass concentration at the chip surface; the association and dissociation rate constants are determined directly from the reaction traces. Samples ranging from small molecules to crude extracts, lipid vesicles, viruses, bacteria and eukaryotic cells can be studied in real-time, without the use of labels and with little or no prior sample preparation.

The Biophysical Resource at Keck Facility offers the state-of-the-art BiaCore T100 instrument from BiaCore Inc. as an "open access" instrument that can be used by trained users. To schedule a training session please contact Ewa Folta-Stogniew

Comparison between the old BiaCore 1000 and the new T100 instruments

Excellent WebPages about SPR application that address various aspects of SPR application were created by Arnoud Marquart, so there is no excuse not to educate yourself. PLEASE read the SPR basics before scheduling a training session.

Each user should print and READ Biacore T100 hardware (at minimum Chapters 2 and 3) and software (at minimum Chapters: 2, 3, 4, and 5) manuals.


Download and read the "How To" documents so you will have an idea about the general procedures

2008 BiaCore catalog lists currently available sensors chips. The Biophysics resource provides the generic consumable like acetate buffers for pH-scouting, P20 detergent stock, or reagents for amine coupling. The sensor chips need to be ordered by interested laboratory.

SPR performs the measurement in solution, but one of the interacting partners is immobilized on the chip surface; no modifications are needed but the measurement requires several consumable that have to be ordered form BiaCore.

First time users of the resource follow the booking and charging protocol; please fill out the Biophysics Resource Usage Form* found in the box on the left, and email the completely filled usage form, with email Subject: "Biophysics Resource Usage," to Ewa Folta-Stogniew.

**Attention All Mac users using "Preview" instead of "Acrobat", please save PDFs as follows: 1. Under the "File" pulldown menu, Select "Print…" 2. Click "PDF" button in lower left hand corner of window. 3. In the pulldown menu Select "Save As PDF." 4. Save PDF.**

Biophysics Resource Usage Form