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Sample Requirements

Amount: 100-300 µg protein/run with the larger amounts being required as the MW is decreased below about 40 kDa

PLEASE NOTE: The amount indicated refers to FILTRATED sample injected onto the column.


Please note that all samples are filtered through a 0.22 µm filter (low binding Durapore® membrane, Millipore, Cat. No. UFC30GVNB) immediately prior to analysis. We strongly recommend that a trial filtration is performed before sample submission to avoid/account for sample loss during this procedure.


The filtration is performed just before injecting the sample on the system. At this point the system is already equilibrated and calibrated at the conditions requested by the investigator. Hence, the set-up charge will be billed even for samples that failed to filter through the 0.22 µm filter (low binding Durapore® membrane, Millipore, Cat. No. UFC30GVNB) and subsequently were not injected/analyzed.


250 µl or less is recommended; up to 750 µl may be loaded with some loss of resolution


less than 5%*

Please contact Ewa Folta-Stogniew at least 48 hours in advance before submitting samples (especially unstable proteins) to ensure system availability.

All shipments need to be scheduled and availability confirmed by email.

* Samples can be submitted in buffer with higher glycerol concentrations and buffer exchange carried out prior to analysis for an additional charge.

For sample submission form click on the appropriate link to obtain the HPLC SEC/Laser Light Scattering Sample Submission Form: Yale Non-Yale

Click here to see Service Charges for HPLC SEC/Laser Light Scattering

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