The Section has a wide and varied research portfolio that extends from basic bench-focused studies of disease pathogenesis and target gene validation to human-based studies of clinical issues such as cognitive impairment in the MICU. A unifying theme amongst the bench focused investigators is the desire to elucidate the cellular and molecular events involved in lung injury and repair. The result has been an intense focus on immunology and molecular biology and the development of scientific approaches at Yale that are now used through out the world. The investigators and their programs are highlighted below.


Genomics and Genetics

Cutting edge and innovative genetic-based approach to patient relevant research


Translational Lung Biology

Transformation of basic science discoveries into goal-oriented translational research


Outcomes and Biomarkers

Clinical-based patient-oriented outcome research


Immunobiology of Lung Disease

Study of the role of immune cells in multiple advanced lung diseases


Lung Fibrosis and Repair

Investigations on the mechanisms of lung fibrosis and repair

Lung Injury and Inflammation

Lung Injury and Inflammation

Research on mechanisms of lung injury and inflammation



Focus on the molecular and cellular changes in the lung with aging


Host-Pathogen Interaction

Study of the interaction between microbial pathogens and the host


Novel Therapeutics

Development of new therapeutics for lung diesases, critical care illness and sleep disorders