As Director of Yale’s Academic Hospitalist Program, Dr. Sarwat Chaudhry leads a dynamic group of physicians whose primary concern is providing outstanding care for hospitalized patients. 

The Academic Hospitalists provide care for patients hospitalized on General Medical, Step-Down ICU, and observation units at Yale-New Haven Hospital (YNHH), a 1,541-bed facility located within walking distance of the university campus. In 2014, U.S. News & World Report once again ranked YNHH as one of the best hospitals in the United States. YNHH also recently partnered with St. Raphael’s campus which is located within a mile of the New Haven campus. 

The team’s work spans a variety of areas, including cost awareness among medical professionals, understanding variation in costs at the hospital-level, optimizing care escalations for deteriorating patients, and enhancing care transitions. 

We invite you to get to know our group through their profiles on these pages and their published works.

Program Director

Sarwat Chaudhry, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine (General Medicine)

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