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MILabs U-SPECT4CT system

Hybrid multi-collimator microSPECT/CT system (MicroSPECT4CT, MILabs) for small animal imaging.

MicroSPECT: This ultra-high resolution (0.3 mm) microSPECT system is equipped with multiple interchangeable collimators for imaging rats or mice and three large NaI detectors. The system is capable of performing dynamic microSPECT imaging due to high sensitivity of the system.

MicroCT: The microCT utilizes cone-beam geometry with a high resolution GOS/CMOS detector (1536 x 1944 pixels with voxel size from 120 to 30 µm) and is capable of fast CT scanning <8 sec, and cardiac and respiratory gating. The microfocus x-ray tube is rated at 10-65 KV, and provides ~30 µm resolution.

U-SPECT4 from MILabs delivers Next Generation Multi-pinhole technologies, which produces superior image quality and diagnostic accuracy as exhibited on the MILabs website for the configuration described below.

U-SPECT4 is specifically designed for preclinical imaging of rodents with unique SPECT capabilities. The U-SPECT4 system is fast, has a high resolution, a high sensitivity and allows for both focused and total body imaging of rodents.

Industry-leading, ultra-high resolution performance SPECT, resulting from:

  • Stationary detector assembly design
  • High pinhole magnification factor
  • Large detector surface area
  • Advanced image reconstruction software

True List mode scanning allowing:

  • Selection of virtually unlimited number of energy windows retrospectively for e.g. multi-isotope SPECT imaging
  • Retrospective gating
  • Easy scan time and dose planning

Patented, user-friendly operator interface for fast, easy acquisition set-up.

Fast dynamic imaging (<8s whole-body mouse), bed motion during SPECT imaging possible.

High precision quantitative imaging

Simultaneous multi-isotope SPECT imaging

Focused and whole-body acquisitions, with patented X, Y, Z translational bed delivers homogenous high-resolution throughout the entire animal.

Dynamic SPECT, planar dynamic, planar static, tomographic SPECT.