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Hybrid MicroSPECT/CT (FLEX X-SPECT/X-O, Gamma Medica)

Main Features

  • SPECT single pinhole, multi-pinhole and parallel hole collimation
  • SPECT Dynamic Scanning
  • SPECT Multi-isotope Imaging
  • SPECT Solid State Detection
  • SPECT High Energy Resolution
  • SPECT Planar Imaging
  • SPECT List Mode Acquisition
  • Volumetric CT using cone beam technology
  • CT resolution ~100 mm

Hybrid MicroSPECT/CT

If you are interested in reserving the Hybrid MicroSPECT/CT please check the calendar to verify its availability.

Click here to view the calendar.

(Note: you will have to have contacted us and activated your account to view the calendar.)