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MRI Core Laboratory


The MRI Core Laboratory, supervised by Lauren Simprini, MD.


The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Core Laboratory has expertise in the analysis of MRI imaging of the heart, aorta, great vessels, and peripheral vessels. Parameters include qualitative and quantitative evaluation of:

  • Cardiac right ventricular and left ventricular function, chamber size, wall thickness, wall motion, scar imaging (late gadolinium enhancement), myocardial perfusion, tissue characterization including T1 mapping and T2 mapping, coronary arteries as part of long term follow-up following cardiac and other interventions.
  • Peripheral vasculature anatomy and morphology
  • Plaque burden and characteristics
  • Calcification
  • Vessel sizing, tortuosity, vessel branching, % diameter stenosis, and evaluation of possible dissection characteristics/presence
  • Critical organ proximity measurements to intended treatment site(s)

In addition to standardized and reproducible core laboratory analysis, the MRI Core Lab can also develop customized per-protocol MRI acquisition and analysis plans, and develop and validate device- or procedure-specific surrogate endpoints.


All analyses are performed by an experienced analyst trained according to the imaging protocol and then over-read by an expert physician. Analysis methodologies are validated and tested for inter and intra-reader variability. The MRI Core Laboratory includes a trained physician analyst and experienced physician over-reader.

The MRI Core Laboratory utilizes analysis software that is a commercially developed software package specifically designed for cardiovascular imaging analysis.