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Kidney Transport and Stone Disease

The goal of Dr. Aronson’s research has been to characterize the mechanisms regulating sodium, acid-base, and anion excretion by the kidney. Work is primarily focused on membrane transport proteins mediating ion exchange, namely NHE isoforms mediating Na-H exchange, and SLC26 isoforms mediating anion exchange. His lab has used murine models with targeted gene disruption to elucidate the physiological roles of ion exchangers and associated proteins under in vivo conditions. For example, work with subjects lacking anion exchanger Slc26a6, which can function as an oxalate transporter, revealed a phenotype of calcium oxalate kidney stones. This finding has motivated studies on the mechanisms and regulation of oxalate transporters and their roles in oxalate homeostasis, urolithiasis, and crystal-induced inflammation and kidney disease.