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Neuroinfectious diseases

General Overview

Yale School of Medicine is home to faculty focused on Neuro-Infectious Diseases. We are a multidisciplinary group whose goal is to better understand infections that affect the nervous system. We are involved in various basic science, clinical, and epidemiologic research projects, many of which are collaborative with other institutions. We provide consultative clinical care to patients with complex neurological infections.


Our faculty are engaged in a range of NIH funded neuro-infectious disease research, including studies addressing neurological complications of HIV, COVID-19, tick-borne diseases, and malaria. Our faculty provide outstanding research training opportunities in this dynamic field for both pre-doctoral and post-doctoral trainees. We are currently enrolling research participants for translational studies of HIV, COVID-19, syphilis, and other disorders that affect the brain.

Clinical services

Physicians at the Yale Neuro-Infectious Diseases Clinic care for patients with neurological complications of systemic diseases, including HIV, tuberculosis, and syphilis, and for patients with primary neurological infections, including brain abscess and meningitis. The clinic is staffed by infectious disease physicians and by neurologists with advanced training in infectious diseases, and is located within the Nathan Smith Clinic. There are also opportunities for patients to participate in research trials.

Educational programs

Second year fellows in infectious disease may choose to concentrate in neuro-infectious diseases. The primary goal of this program is to provide 2nd year ID fellows with opportunities for academic development and research in neurological infections, and to provide exposure to clinical neuroinfectious diseases. Faculty from Yale Neuro-Infectious Diseases also provide teaching lectures to medical students and residents on topics related to neurological infections.

Meet the team

Nathan Smith Clinic

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