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Mentor Trainee Research Project (MTRP) at Yale University and University of Malaya: The MTRP is a core component of the Implementation Research Scholars (HIRS) program. During the Spring semester at Yale, Implementation Research Scholars will each be assigned a Yale faculty mentor to guide in the development of an original research project to implement in Malaysia during Year 2 at UM. The Yale faculty mentor will continue to support the project until completion. The Yale faculty mentor will also develop a tailored training plan according to the needs of the HIV Implementation Research Scholars. Each approved HIV Implementation Research Scholars project will receive $10,000 for implementation and scale.

The MTRP is divided into 4 components:

Part 1: Development

The Implementation Research Scholar will develop a 15 – 20-page research project proposal with a detailed fund allocation strategy. MTRP proposal will include: An introduction, project plan & structure, title, background, goals & objectives, letters of support, targets and methods, schedule, organization & supplies, data collection, monitoring and analysis plan, and a detailed budget management plan. The Yale faculty mentor will guide and advise;

Part 2: Review

The proposal will be first reviewed by the Yale faculty mentor. Second, for an internal review, the proposal will be reviewed by faculty at CIRA, which has a successful peer-review process for all CIRA affiliates. Third, for an external review, the proposal will be sent to the Training Advisory Committee (TAC). Once passed by all three reviews, the Scholar will submit an IRB application. Once approved by IRB, the Scholar will receive $10,000 for project implementation;

Part 3: Implementation

On July 1st, the Scholar will begin to implement the project in Malaysia; and

Part 4: Monitoring

  1. Communication: Mentor will submit weekly update reports; Faculty mentor and Scholar will schedule bi-monthly zoom calls discussing all aspects of the project
  2. Data collection and analysis: Scholar will keep an organized, secure and HIPAA-compliant data storage system (i.e. either in a secure physical location or an encrypted Yale faculty mentor approved location).

In Spring Year 2, the Scholar will be expected to submit a paper, and present the findings at his/her Capstone Presentation at UM. The MTRP throughout the course of the certification program is meant to cement scholar knowledge of research methods, increase proficiency confidence in the conduct of research related to HIV implementation science in Malaysia and comprehend / navigate the interconnectedness of challenges for key populations in Malaysia.