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Medical Informatics in Infectious Diseases

General Overview

This track is dedicated to training fellows in the foundations of medical informatics and quality improvement to advance their ability to care of patients with infections at a health-system level. The curriculum is overseen by Dr Joseph Canterino, an informatics-trained infectious diseases physician. During their second year of fellowship, fellows in this track become Epic Physician Builders (learning the analytic tools of the electronic medical record), audit courses from the Yale Bioinformatics and Data Science curriculum, complete courses from the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, attend medical informatics officer meetings at Yale-New Haven Hospital, and complete a mentored informatics project.


  • Learn how to create Epic reports, dashboards, note templates, etc.
  • Have an educational foundation in medical informatics and quality improvement methods.
  • Gain first-hand experience of practical informatics.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills obtained through a mentored informatics project.


Fellows are expected to conceptualize and conduct mentored clinical research focused on improving the care of patients with infections at a health-system level by using medical informatics tools. The goal is to present findings of research at a meeting and/or submit research for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.


  • Complete Epic Physician Builder Courses and obtain certificate.
  • Audit courses from the MHS-Bioinformatics and Data Science curriculum.
  • Complete Institute for Healthcare Improvement curriculum
  • Attend weekly Medical Informatics Officer meetings and monthly Physician Builder meetings.
  • Be a member of a Care Signature Counsel.

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