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John Sinard, MD, PhD

Professor of Pathology and of Ophthalmology and Visual Science; Vice Chair, Pathology; Director, Clinical Operations, Pathology; CLIA Laboratory Director, Pathology; Medical Director, Pathology Informatics, Pathology

Research Summary

I am interested in the use of computers and information technology to promote the practice and teaching of anatomic pathology. Current work includes developing enhancements to our department's clinical information system(s) to improve workflow in the department.

Specialized Terms: Medical informatics

Extensive Research Description

My current academic interests are in the fields of pathology informatics and practice management, including quality assurance and patient safety. The computer has long been a tool for data storage and management. More recently, information systems have become integrated into the daily practice of pathology, providing not only access to data, but also directing workflow, managing resources, and helping to guide medical decisions. Proper design of these systems is crucial to their being a useful adjunct to patient care rather than an obstacle which has to be overcome. Such design requires a comprehensive understanding of the clinical workflow as well as the capabilities and limitations of the information systems. In many cases, custom software development provides the greatest gain in workflow optimization, clinician productivity and efficiency, and patient safety. Proper capture and storage of data can also enable subsequent workflow analysis and quality tracking.


Research Interests

Ophthalmology; Pathology; Informatics

Selected Publications