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Emanuela Bruscia, PhD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics (Respiratory)

Contact Information

Emanuela Bruscia, PhD

Mailing Address

  • Pediatric Pulmonology, Allergy, Immunology & Sleep Medicine

    PO Box 208064

    New Haven, CT 06520-8064

    United States

Research Summary

My research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms behind the development of lung disease in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). For over 16 years, we have studied how monocytes and macrophages contribute to CF's dysregulated innate immune response. We investigate the mechanism/s by which the dysregulated activity of these immune cells contributes to the overwhelming lung inflammation, the weakened host defense against certain microorganisms, and the altered lung tissue repair processes that characterize CF lung disease. Ultimately, we aim to identify mechanism-based therapeutic targets that, in conjunction with the current CFTR modulator therapies, will help prevent inflammation and progressive lung tissue deterioration in individuals with CF.

Specialized Terms: Cystic Fibrosis; Lung inflammation; Macrophages


Research Interests

Cystic Fibrosis; Lung; Macrophages; Pediatrics; Respiration Disorders; Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator

Research Image

Selected Publications