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Research & Education

Pain, paralysis, and preservation of nervous system function are the central themes of our research. We use a broad multidisciplinary approach to examine the nervous system in health and disease and to gain key insights into its workings and repair.

We investigate why some individuals with nerve injuries experience severe neuropathic pain, and why some individuals respond to neuropathic pain treatments better than others. We test novel strategies for nerve remyelination and regeneration, study chemical and structural correlates of neuronal hyperexcitability, examine the molecular determinants of axonal integrity, and translate our discoveries to the clinic. Our studies are revealing important lessons about the injured nervous system, and are accelerating the pace toward improved therapies.

We train the next generation of scientists and clinicians to become independent researchers in the field of central nervous system repair. Weekly lab meetings, journal clubs, strategic planning sessions, and periodic seminars further promote career development through cross talk and collaboration. We present our research at national and international meetings and symposia, as well as through peer-reviewed publications, lay articles, and public lectures.