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Research Facilities

Our Center houses specially designed laboratories for molecular biology, genomics, channel electrophysiology/biophysics, spinal cord and peripheral nerve physiology, pharmacology including medium-throughput analysis, tissue culture, pain physiology, experimental pathology, optical imaging including confocal, 2-photon microscopy and electron microscopy, behavioral assessment including pain phenotyping, and experimental surgery.

Major equipment at our Center includes Zeiss and Nikon confocal microscope, Nikon standard epifluorescence microscope, Nikon multi-photon microscope, super-resolution TIRF microscope with STORM capabilities, and a super resolution spinning disk microscope. Our Center houses a JEOL high performance, high contrast transmission electron microscope and Leica ultramicrotome for ultrathin plastic sectioning of specimens for electron microscopy.

A molecular biology/genomics core fitted out with Eppendorf robotic sample handler, real-time PCR machine, droplet digital PCR system, 3 conventional PCR machines, a Biotek modular plate reader and imager (capable of upgrades by adding additional modules) and microarray reader, Versadoc and Chemidoc systems for gel and western blot applications, low-speed and ultra-speed centrifuges, gel systems for nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis and systems to transfer to membranes.

We also have available equipment for transfection of non-dividing cells by electroporation and microinjection, an NYU spinal cord contusion apparatus, 3 rigs for in vivo and in vitro spinal cord/peripheral nerve electrophysiology, 7 electrophysiological rigs for manual patch clamp recording, fitted with temperature control modules, three automated recording platforms configured for pharmacological screening, and a multi-electrode array (MEA) system. Also available within our Center are a computer-controlled “catwalk” system for gait analysis after SCI and peripheral nerve injury, an IVIS Spectrum in vivo imaging System for live imaging of fluorescence in rodents, 3-D printers, high- and regular-capacity liquid nitrogen tanks, and a bank of four -80oC freezers. Core computational and histology facilities and a BL2 laboratory for processing human tissue samples are also available on the premises.

In addition our Center has access to all of the intellectual resources of Yale University and the Yale School of Medicine, and a broad range of equipment and services at Yale University, including the Keck Sequencing Facility, Proteomics Lab, Imaging Center and its Titan Krios Cryo-EM Core Facility, Center for Molecular Discovery, Transgenics Center, Stem Cell Center, Genome Editing Center, and Neuro-Imaging Research Facilities including a 1.5T, 3T, and 7T MRI.

Specialized research core infrastructure within our Center includes: