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Two (2) Staff Scientist Positions: Ion Channel Physiology/Pharmacology/and Cell Biology

TWO STAFF SCIENTIST POSITIONS: Ion Channel Physiology/Pharmacology/and Cell Biology. One position requires experience in cell biology and imaging. The second position is for an electrophysiologist with experience in patch-clamp and pharmacological analysis of ion channels. They will join a multidisciplinary research team investigating the role of Na channels in hyperexcitability disorders including neuropathic pain (see Akin et al. Sci Adv, 5, eaax4755, 2019; Dib-Hajj and Waxman Ann. Rev. Neurosci. 42, 87-106, 2019; Yang et al, Trends Pharmacol Sci., 2018). MD, PhD, or MD/PhD degree and publications in ion channel electrophysiology/pharmacology or cell biology/imaging are essential. 

  • Exceptionally well-trained scientists with a relevant master’s-level degree, 10+ years of relevant experience and publications may be considered. 
  • Experience with voltage- and/or current-clamp analysis of DRG neurons or neurons derived from iPSCs, live cell imaging in vitro or in vivo, experience with transgenic animals are desirable. 
  • Rank will be commensurate with degree and experience. 
  • Superb opportunity to work collaboratively within a highly productive, interactive team setting. 
Send statement of interest, CV and three letters of reference to: Stephen G. Waxman, MD, PhD ( or Sulayman D. Dib-Hajj, PhD (