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Sydney Green

Peer Mentor

Originally from South Florida, Sydney attended Harvard College where she majored in History and Science. In college, she volunteered with Peer Health Exchange teaching health education to Boston high school students. This work inspired her senior thesis, which focused on the history of Battered Woman Syndrome. After graduation, she spent two years as a research assistant to Dr. Michael Nair-Collins, a philosopher at Florida State University College of Medicine, where she studied public attitudes towards brain death and organ donation. During this time, she also volunteered with the Red Cross, among many things, teaching kindergarteners about germs and hand-washing. This pull towards teaching, health, and research inspired her to pursue a career combining all three.
Sydney is now a fourth year MD-PhD student in the Program for History of Science and Medicine. Her research investigates how a social ill - violence, for example - becomes a diagnosable medical condition. When she is not reading or in the archives, you can probably find her knitting.