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Hannah Batchelor

Peer Mentor

Hannah was born and raised in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan and will forever be a Midwesterner at heart. Always interested in psychology and science, Hannah discovered her love for neuroscience as an undergrad at Michigan State University. While there, she worked for several years in a lab studying a neuropeptide involved in feeding and motivation. She spent her summers pursuing various research opportunities, including a study abroad in Germany researching protein trafficking in a diabetes institute and an internship at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) studying neural regeneration after injury. After graduating, Hannah moved to Baltimore, Maryland where she worked as a postbac at the National Institute in Drug Abuse studying the neural circuits of associative learning and decision making. During these two formative years in Baltimore she volunteered at a free community health clinic and on a needle exchange van, both helping to confirm her undeniable need for a patient-facing career.

Hannah is now a rising 4th year MD-PhD student in the Neuroscience Department in Jessica Cardin’s lab. Her research investigates cortex-wide neural plasticity during learning and decision making. She is also active in the addiction medicine and psychiatry communities, works as a student provider at a primary care clinic, and holds various leadership positions. In her free time, Hannah enjoys traveling, hiking, baking, and spending quality time with her two cats.